Saturday, August 23, 2008

...while making Mexican food

Every time I hear a four-syllable word or phrase with the emphasis on the first and third syllables, I get an irresistible urge to sing it to the tune of the Hallelujah chorus.

"Gua---camole. Gua----camole, GuacaMOLee, GuacaMOLee, gua--AH-CAAH-moLEE."


Vegan and Vintage said...

Hey Fiona!

Hula hoop jam?!! Sounds awesome! I would love to find out more about it!

Yep, I am a brown owl, but haven’t gotten to a meeting this year yet.

Yep, I just made up the bow pattern, it’s super easy – I might do a how-to on the blog sometime.

Anyway, would love you to come... maybe next time?

Hollie xx

Vegan and Vintage said...

Hey Fiona, can you please reply to this email (you should just be able to hit reply when you get this comment notification in your inbox) so I can then send you details about knitting night.

Thanks for that!

Hollie x