Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mixed-handed couple

I am left-handed, and my beloved is right-handed. Whenever we hold hands, it is always the same way - with our dominant hands, our fingers interwoven, my thumb on top. We've tried it other ways, but it just feels weird and awkward, like writing with your wrong hand. 

Because we are opposite-handed, it means that we are always nicely symmetrical in the hand-holding stakes.

What I don't get is how same-handed couples - most couples - negotiate this hand-holding thing. That would mean that one person always has their dominant hand free and the other doesn't. So what happens - do they alternate who gets to be the dominant-free-hand-person? Does one person always have the upper hand, so to speak? Who gets the top thumb?

I've asked around. Most people just look perplexed, and say they've never really thought about it, or that the hand-holding just comes naturally, whatever the configuration. 

Seriously, is this not an issue for most people?

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